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Tranquil Massage was created for you; your lifestyle and your needs.  It is important to note, I use only the finest massage oils, AND, I treat the whole person, often referred to as holistic massage, with sensory delights and therapeutic healing!  I recognize that in today's fast paced lifestyle people are in need of balance.. it is only when your mind and body blend in harmony, can you achieve radiant health, beauty, and relaxation. 

I encourage you to try my massage services and experience it for yourself!  You will be glad you did!  

Savings Bundles for those wishing to save BIG!

Savings Bundles



 X-Mas Specials

Bellingham Studio Location:

60 min     Reg $80    XMAS SPECIAL $69

90 min    Reg $100    XMAS SPECIAL $85





Tranquil Signature Massage

This is my most loved massage; it works on all aspects of physical, mental or emotional stress, a head to toe massage using carefully applied pressures and swedish techniques, with my signature blend of oils, to balance the nervous system and induce a serious state of relaxation for a peaceful night's sleep. You will be left totally rejuvenated and stress free.






Relaxing Fingertip

For those who enjoy soft fingertip movements to soothe and relax.   Slow finger tip on scalp and gentle neck massage.  Making most ailments fade away (great for those who cannot have their circulation stimulated or are on medications that do not allow massage).






Classic Swedish

Long gliding techniques make this massage unequaled with gentle kneading to your shoulders and large muscle groups.  This is the ultimate relaxing massage to relax and rejuvenate. This massage will improve your health, immune system, and all organ systems for optimal wellness.   It helps circulate the blood and therefore pushes toxins and waste through the lymph and out of the body.




Aromatherapy Massage

This fabulous stress relieving massage includes aromatherapy.   Aromatherapy uses essential oils to heal, alleviate pain, and regulate moodEssential oils has different healing properties that are very potent. Some calm while others energize. A relaxing aromatherapy massage might have lavender or bergamont, while a massage for sore muscles would include peppermint and eucalyptus. The subtle aroma fills the air around you during the massage.   Aromatherapy massage is particularly suited to conditions involving stress or improving emotionally-related conditions.



Deep Touch Massage

This deeper form of massage helps to release muscle restrictions in the body. It relieves chronic tension especially in neck and shoulders, increases range of motion, improves posture and enhances self-awareness.




        Tranquil Massage

2015 XMas Specials for your Health and Relaxation

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